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GeoView ®
Complete spherical video record of a space, geo-referencing and integrates with leading GIS applications. Read More...

inView ®
Cost-effective wide-area surveillance solution for critical infrastructure and force protection over large areas. Read More...

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iMove Delivers Mobile and Fixed Surveillance Solutions

iMove is the leading developer of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications. Immersive imaging has quickly become a key component in security operations requiring timely, accurate, and actionable decisions. If you need 360° wide-area persistent coverage, iMove's GeoView and InView products can resolve your security issues comprehensively and rapidly.

iMove's complete situational awareness solutions provide the following results:

  • Prevention and Protection
  • Most Efficient Use of People and Equipment
  • Improved ROI
  • Faster and More Appropriate Responses

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