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New Contract from U.S. Government Drives iMove Market Expansion

$850,000 contract underscores iMove's leadership in developing
"portable geospatial imagery intelligence systems"

Portland, OR., December 1, 2004 - In its continuing effort to equip the nation's defense and intelligence communities with the most sophisticated intelligence technologies, the U.S. Government purchased iMove's® advanced portable geospatial imagery intelligence system. The contract is for $850,000.

The iMove geospatial intelligence system purchased by the government captures up to 360 x 360 degrees of geo-referenced (i.e., GPS enabled) imagery "as fast as you can drive the streets and will create one continuous, interactive video presentation," said John Herring, iMove, Inc., President and CEO. "Today's threat environment is dynamic. Our users are looking for more rapid and accurate solutions to collect imagery intelligence. This new product opens market opportunities for us in portable imagery applications."

Portable geospatial imagery intelligence system defined

Within hours, instead of days, iMove users can collect city-scale imagery intelligence data and integrate that data with map coordinates. In addition, the intelligence system allows data inputs from other mission sources including aerial photography, satellite images and facility drawings. The results can be distributed electronically to any number of end users to clearly show where particular threats might exist, explained Jamie Finn, Director, Marketing Programs, iMove.

"The ability to rapidly provide immersive imagery - that is, wide-view up to spherical imagery seamlessly displayed to a user - tied to map coordinates and other mission critical information, provides a key situational awareness advantage to frontline intelligence analysts and defenders," said Finn. "For imagery intelligence collection teams, this means simply navigating a route with the portable immersive multi-sensor camera. At virtually any speed, the system captures everything around you - up, down and all around. There is no "pointing" the camera or "missing the shot" since the camera is constantly collecting the entire immersive environment."

Fast. Lightweight. Sees Everything. All the Time.

iMove's portable geospatial imagery intelligence solutions allow users to collect immersive geo-referenced views of routes up to 24 times faster then traditional video cameras. This significantly reduces imagery collection time for a single route and increases the amount of imagery intelligence that can be collected in a finite amount of time.

About iMove, Inc.

iMove is the leading developer of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications. iMove's solutions deliver superior visual information and greater situational awareness using automated features to dramatically enhance mission performance while reducing cost and complexity. Our solutions are deployed at home and abroad for the prevention of potentially catastrophic incidents associated with critical infrastructure and for intelligence and special operation forces mission planning and training systems.


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