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U.S. Government Purchases iMove's New Generation Surveillance Product

$1.4 million contract underscores iMove's leadership in providing advanced geospatial intelligence surveillance solutions to the U.S. Government

Portland, OR., November 9, 2004 - iMove®, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of state of the art defense and homeland security surveillance solutions announced a $1.4 million contract for its new generation spherical video system (SVS). A portable 360 by 360 degree spherical video camera connected to a laptop computer loaded with iMove mapping and intelligence analysis software comprises the system. The complete SVS is carried in a backpack for maximum portability.

"Selecting a point on a map and immediately being able to place yourself in the scene with the ability to interact and see in all directions is a powerful new capability of utmost significance for mission planning in urban environments," said John Herring, President and CEO of iMove. "We expect to see great demand for this product line as these initial units enter service in early CY05."

"A new market - known as Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) - has emerged within the past two years and represents the fusion of geographic information systems with military intelligence data," said Jamie Finn, Director, Marketing Programs of iMove. "We are at the forefront of this opportunity which is projected to total $5 billion in U.S. government expenditures this coming year."

A powerful new tool for the defense and homeland security market...

The SVS includes a multi-lens handheld camera, laptop and small, high capacity storage device that can be packaged in a number of configurations. For example, when the SVS is mounted on a vehicle, a mile of full 360 by 360 degree spherical video is captured in two minutes (24 times faster than any other approach).

...designed to give users a distinct advantage in tactical surveillance situations around the world.

The SVS software integrates collected video imagery into geo-referenced, multi-source databases (maps, facility drawings, etc.) for immediate intelligence exploitation. This provides surveillance and security professionals with critical intelligence and mission planning data, a capability impossible until now.

About iMove, Inc.
iMove is the leading developer of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications. iMove's solutions deliver superior visual information and greater situational awareness using automated features to dramatically enhance mission performance while reducing cost and complexity. Our solutions are deployed at home and abroad for the prevention of potentially catastrophic incidents associated with critical infrastructure and for intelligence and special operation forces mission planning and training systems.


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