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We've recently changed our name from Infinite Pictures, Inc. to iMove, Inc. Our new name and tagline - "Look anywhere. Go anywhere." - reinforce the capabilities of our panoramic solutions to let viewers "move" anywhere within a real or computer-generated environment.

Explains David Ripley, Founder and CEO iMove, "Industry leaders are requesting more advanced visualization capabilities to improve operations and product offerings, and thereby, differentiate themselves from competitors. iMove is taking advantage of emerging visualization technology trends including increased Internet bandwidth, faster computers, digital video/photography, and DVD. These technologies when combined with our revolutionary software, enables customers to 'look' and 'go' anywhere from the comfort of their computer screen."

We will continue to offer and support SmoothMove products under the iMove name, and maintain our domestic and international reseller channels.

In the future, we look forward to expanding our panoramic media solutions. We will be substantially upgrading our products and providing additional solutions for creating panoramic media from video, photographs and computer-generated models.

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