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Panoramic Media

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iMove Interactivity and Integration

One of the more enjoyable aspects of visual communications is the ability to see, hear and interact with the image. The iMove Interactivity Editor is included in all iMove solutions. It enables you to insert hotspots, link together panoramas and panoramic videos, and develop Guided Tours". A Guide Tour allows you to record audio and map it to panoramic media.

The iMove Integration Suite makes it possible to integrate our technology into your specific application. Using our Software Development Kit (SDK), you can integrate iMove viewing capabilities into C/C++ applications. Panoramic Media can be turned into streaming video viewable from a Java Viewer using the iMove Streaming Editor. Our ActiveX Control can be used to insert your completed panoramic images into such programs as MacroMedia Director and Visual Basic.

iMove Interactivity Editor includes:

- Hotspots
   - Guided Tours"
- Linked Panoramic Videos

iMove Integration Suite includes:

- Software Development Kit
   - Streaming Editor
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