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Panoramic Media

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iMove Reseller Program

Offering Panoramic Media Solutions

As an iMove Reseller, you can   purchase products for resale including the iMove Spherical Video System at a substantial discount.

iMove enables you to provide comprehensive solutions for capturing, seaming, editing, and presenting all types of panoramic media including spherical videos.You also have the opportunity to generate revenue by providing maintenance and support to your customers.


If desired, you can participate in the creation of content using your iMove Commercial Use License. 


Becoming an iMove Reseller

We place no restrictions on who uses our products. As an iMove Reseller, youre free to seek new markets or concentrate on an industry-specific segment. The requirements to becoming an iMove Reseller are as follows:


" Buy or rent an iMove Spherical Video System for internal use

" Be actively engaged in the sale, service and support of computer and/or video systems and software

" Obtain an iMove Commercial Use License and pay a modest royalty on revenue generated

" Be registered under your local tax jurisdiction for reseller sales tax exemption

" Complete the iMove Content Partner Training and Certification Program

" Provide a business plan, customer referrals and credit report


Contributing to Your Success

Your success as an iMove Resller is our success as a company. To support and foster your efforts, we provide:


" Three days of hands-on training in our Portland   training center 

" Telephone support

" Listing on the iMove web site and links to your site.

" Lead referral and co-marketing opportunities including trade shows, demo CDs and direct mail promotional programs.

" Opportunity to participate in the iMove Reseller Program and obtain other iMove panoramic media solutions at a discount

Are you interested in being an iMove Partner? 

Please e-mail us at or call us at (503) 221-2449.

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