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Using the iMove Photo and Computer Graphics Suites, VISCOMM created a CD for the HILTON GARDEN Inn. The CD is a comprehensive collection of every piece of information needed to purchase, build, furnish and manage a Hilton Garden Inn. Included on the CD are virtual and photographic tours and panoramas of Hilton Garden Inns.

Formerly know as CADSPEC, VISCOMM was founded in 1994 by two professionals with credentials in Architecture, Structural Engineering and Computer Sciences. The Company focuses on developing innovative electronic methodology for maintaining and distributing information to the design and construction community.

Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (IITRI)

IITRI is an iMove Market Partner into the government marketplace. They were founded in 1936 as the first independent research organization established without an endowment. Affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology, IITRI has a reputation for technical excellence and innovation in contract research and has grown to be one of the country's largest not-for-profit contract research institutes.

iVR Productions

Boston-based iVR Productions, Inc. (iVR), produces interactive multimedia for numerous clients wanting to differentiate themselves from their competition. Theyve based their companys capabilities around iMove technology providing clients with interactive media from photographs, and in the near future, video.

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