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Panoramic Media

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To view a SmoothMove Panorama, you must have a browser that supports plug-ins.

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Spherical Videos

The iMove Spherical Video System will change the way news organizations, construction and manufacturing companies, tourism bureaus, cinematographers, insurance companies, military agencies and other organizations visually communicate.

Yesterdays simple videos will blossom into "real world" experiences where viewers can choose what they want to see whether a bird flying overhead, a koi pond at their feet, a building behind or a mountain in the distance.

Spherical video doesnt limit what you can capture because it captures everything from sky to ground and all around. Captured content can be viewed in real-time making it possible for the camera person to switch directions or adjust for lighting changes.

Once youve captured and saved content, seam together all the video streams. Now you're ready to edit, add interactivity and distribute your video. 

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