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Panoramic Media

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To view a SmoothMove Panorama, you must have a browser that supports plug-ins.

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Face it. You, your customers and colleagues expect more. Two-dimensional images are commonplace. What you seek are interactive panoramas& animated objects that rotate on all axes& Guided Tours" of three-dimensional spaces& panoramicl video that transports you to a real environment letting you choose the paths you take.

iMove and your imagination make it possible.

Only iMove offers interactive visualization tools for both real world and computer-generated environments. Everything you need for capturing, creating, editing and viewing are included in our product suites.

hyperlink_bullet.gif (234 bytes) Real World Environments- Photography& video& the real "spherical" world!
hyperlink_bullet.gif (234 bytes) Computer-Generated Environments- What isnt real can become photorealistic.
hyperlink_bullet.gif (234 bytes) Why iMove Were the complete solution provider for Panoramic Media.
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