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Panoramic Media

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A technology is only as good as what it can contribute to the success of a business or individual. iMove Panoramic Media&provides content developers with the tools to produce intriguing spherical content&helps designers bring their prototypes to life&enables architects to see their designs before breaking ground&gives realtors a way to create photorealistic images of their properties&and provides broadcasters and entertainment firms with the ability to create on-demand, interactive television.

Visual Documentation

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing." With the iMove Panoramic Media you can "see" more documenting industrial facilites and manufacturing processes, creating training videos, surveying long stretches of highway, and inventorying an area following a natural disaster. Government and law enforcement agencies can create visual records of buildings, transit centers and other municipal properties to facilitate emergency services.

The iMove Interactivity Editor allows you to add interactivity to visual content labels, links to external applications, Guided Tours", and embedded files such as high resolution graphics, panoramic objects, video and audio files.

Interactive Advertising

Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages daily. iMove Panoramic Media adds a new dimension to interactive advertising letting you create immersive experiences that engage consumers enabling them to 'virtually' climb a mountain, ride in a race car or walk through a cruise ship. To further break-through, you can add interactivity such as links to Web sites, panoramic objects, video and audio files, and Guided Tours".

Your interactive advertisement can be as simple as a photographic or computer-generated panorama on a Web site or as elaborate as a full spherical video experience delivered on CD or via high speed Web connections. Interactive advertising is the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary campaign.

Entertainment and Education

Consumers welcome innovations that are educational and entertaining. iMove Panoramic Media provides both. In the classroom, students can take a   'virtual' tour of a historical site, rotate an ancient artifact to see all views, and interact with a map of the site. Imagine a virtual tour of a Roman ruin in which the user can easily move between current video content and realistic computer-generated models.

With the increase in bandwidth, entertainment channels can create interactive panoramic media that lets viewers 'experience' news, sports and cultural events. Viewers will be able to interactive with both 'real' and computer-generated spaces exploring details, listening to sound files, and examining panoramic objects.

Even as the technologies for high speed delivery of rich content are emerging, the system for creating engaging content is here today with iMove Panoramic Media.

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