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Julie A. Stark
(503) 273-2929
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Intel® Showcases iMove Panoramic Media Technology at Sports Media & Technology ‘99


Intel Vice President Ron Whittier presents the iMove Spherical Video System as a
broadband technology that will revolutionize the way sporting events are captured and viewed.


 Portland, OR., October 21, 1999 – Spherical video, pioneered by iMove, Inc., was one of the technologies presented by Intel Vice President Ron Whittier, a keynote speaker at Sports Media & Technology ’99 in New York City. Whittier, whose talk focused on advanced broadband applications, showed a clip of an interactive spherical video of Portland State University versus Montana State University football game that was captured and produced on the iMove Spherical Video System

      The newly introduced SPS-1000 Systems creates spherical videos that enables viewers to “look” and “go” anywhere within a real environment. Each frame of a spherical video is a complete highly detailed 360° spherical panorama that lets users navigate at their own pace through a real environment.

      “Consumers are eager to embrace new technologies that allow them to better experience sports and cultural events from the comforts of their homes,” explains Roger Thomas, iMove’s Chairman. “ Sports teams, leagues and franchises are requesting more advanced visualization capabilities to hold viewers’ interest, create interactive Web sites, develop more effective marketing campaigns, and differentiate themselves for other types of entertainment.

The spherical video shown at Sport Media & Technology ‘99 was captured in Portland, Oregon, using the iMove Spherical Video Camera. The compressed, polished video was then produced using the services offered by Intel Online Services. iMove is working with Intel to use Intel Online Service to process, save and distribute spherical videos for its customers.

Explains Thomas, “As an Internet service and hosting business, Intel Online Services can provide the horsepower to quickly process multiple spherical videos streams.”

      The iMove Spherical Video System overcomes the limitation of conventional video by capturing everything from sky to ground and in-between. The crux of the system is an all-digital spherical video camera. Two inches square and weighing under a pound, the camera is mounted on a handle that comprises the entire capture unit. Multiple 24-bit color video data streams feed via a cable into a portable iMove video capture unit with an 18 GB removable hard disk that can store up to forty-five minutes of video per disk. The post-production system consists of a dual Pentium III high-speed workstation, Adobe Premiere non-linear editing software and iMove’s proprietary panoramic media production suite 

      Located in Portland, Oregon, iMove, Inc., offers the next level of visualization for business-to-business use of the Internet, interactive television and other emerging communication technologies.


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Note to editors: iMove is a trademark of iMove, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Demo files created with the iMove Spherical Video System are available upon request at www.imoveinc.com.

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iMove, iMove Video System, iMove Photo Suite, and iMove Computer Graphics Suite are trademarks of iMove, Inc. All other brand names and trademarks, marked or not marked are property of their respective owners. © Copyright 1999, iMove, Inc. All rights reserved.

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