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Whats New

January 7, 2000: iMove Spherical Video of the British Grand Prix Racetrack Creates Immersive Sports Experience

October 21, 1999: Intel® Showcases iMove Panoramic Media at Sport Media & Technology '99

Welcome to iMove& the future of interactive panoramic media.

The start of a new year... and millennium... is a time to reflect on past accomplishments, review goals and look forward to blossoming opportunities. iMove is continuing to embrace new technologies, and such, is evolving into the premier provider of immersive media solutions for the Internet, broadband, and CDs/DVDs.

The key difference between the iMove solutions and those offered by other panoramic companies, is that iMove immersive media 'transports" the user into a real location allowing them to move forward and backwards, look and down, veer off in any direction or spin around as if standing in one spot. The experience is "user-directed" so there's no limit to where you can go.

Most recently, we enabled European Grand Prix motor racing fans to vitually race a Ferrari 355 at the Silverstone Race Track in Northhamtonshire, England the same track that is used for the British Grand Prix. The footage was placed on a promotional CD that was commissioned by Silverstone Insurance, AOL/Netscape, Elf/Total Oil, and Peugeot, and will be placed in over million copies of European racing publications.

To learn more about this innovative technology, you may want to read our latest white paper, "New Business Applications for the iMove Spherical Video System."

If you're interested in offering iMove's panoramic media solutions, you may want to read about our newly  introduced  Content Partner and Reseller Programs. These programs enable you to rent or purchase the iMove Spherical Video System for creating content or reselling to other users.

If you have any comments about this site, have recommendations or need more information, please contact us at

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