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History of iMove

iMove, formerly Infinite Pictures, has emerged as the only company to offer a full range of Panoramic Media: Complete suites of interactive visualization software for both real and computer-generated environments.

When formed in 1995, iMove concentrated on the development of SmoothMove Technology, software tools to turn computer-generated models into photorealistic panoramas. Their initial product - SmoothMove Panoramas - was used in conjunction with 3D Studio MAX, 3D Studio VIZ, AutoCAD, and other 3D modeling programs and was based on research done by iMove CEO David Ripley, Ph.D.

In 1984, Ripley and his team developed the first all-digital multimedia applications at the Sarnoff Research Center. These capabilities later became part of Intels ActionMedia 750 Tool Kit and DVI technology.

SmoothMove technology is image rather than polygonal-based. The resulting panoramas are faster to create, more detailed, and a monumental advance in the creation of "real world" environments. While most computer data is stored "flat," a panorama created with SmoothMove technology can be opened in a viewer that removes distortions turning what were once flat images into an interactive sphere that allows viewers to "move" anywhere within the panorama. It is even possible to "roll" within the panorama going both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Taking this technology a step further, iMove developed panoramic videos that link a series of panoramas together enabling the user to "tour" a computer-generated or photographed environment moving forwards, backwards, up and down, and zooming in and out.

Most recently, iMove has applied SmoothMove Technology to the creation of photographic panoramas and both photographic and computer-generated panoramic objects. This same technology is the foundation for creation of spherical video - 360 video streams that let viewers choose what they want to see in a video motion picture - whether the sky above, the ground below, down a street, over a bridge, into a building or back to where they began.

iMove continues to be the only company to provide comprehensive solutions for creating all types of panoramic media. Partnerships with Autodesk, Adobe and Kaidan have helped iMove obtain a leadership role in developing innovative solutions. They look forward to continuing to offer state-of-the-art vizualization tools for consumers and businesses. 


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