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Position we are looking to fill:

Senior Software Engineer

How would you like to develop exciting panoramic visualization software with a leading software visualization company…products that enable the creation, editing, integration, and immersive viewing of scenes and objects from both real and computer-generated environments?

iMove, Inc., is a young growing company looking for a few great engineers. We’re aggressively advancing the state of the art of computer visualization in Internet eCommerce, architecture, real estate, facilities management, and law enforcement. You’ll work in an exciting hi-tech environment that includes development of panoramic software tools, workstation editing systems, and complete photo and video capture systems. Competitive salaries, stock options, and full benefits. Located downtown Portland on the Max line.

Candidate must be independent self-starters with a B.S. degree in computer science and a minimum of three years experience designing and writing C/C++ software for Windows. Experience in image processing, video and audio compression, computer graphics, Mac multimedia (in addition to, not in place of, Windows expertise), and GUI development are desirable.

Send cover letter and resume to .



iMove, Inc.
33 NW First Avenue, Suite 1
Portland, OR 97209

503/221-2172 FAX


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