The iMove GeoView 3000 Portable Spherical Camera

The GeoView 3000 Series is a state-of-the-art digital spherical video capture, production, and delivery system. Originally developed for use in government reconnaissance applications, the field-proven iMove GeoView 3000 is the fastest way to capture comprehensive spherical visual documentation. 

With multiple lenses capturing high-resolution digital video images from every direction, iMove’s spherical imaging technology provides customers with a complete 360 degree x 360 degree field of view - the visual equivalent of surround sound.

Simply pass the GeoView 3000 through any space and capture detailed full color visual information from all directions while the GeoView 3000 system simultaneosly records GPS data. There is no need to “point” the camera; it sees in all directions, all the time. 

iMove's spherical software enables users to see, distortion free, in all directions, while allowing users to dynamically select any view of the spherical video during playback. Use the iMove Hotspot Editor to add Text, audio, AVI video, or other digital information to your spherical video.

For legacy customers the GeoView 3000 represents a significant evolution of the previous iMove SVS 2500 camera system. Improving on the SVS 2500, the GeoView 3000 features significantly higher resolution, a more robust housing, lighter weight, positive locking cable connectors, and greater ease of use. The iMove GeoView 3000 consists of a more robust, metal-enclosed camera unit, a lightweight video "Compression Brick", a lightweight battery, and a Toughbook that controls recording sessions via an iPAQ.

Current applications of iMove's GeoView 3000 inlcude: 

  • Deployment by military units focused on the war on terrorism. 
  • Critical infrastructure for homeland security. 
  • Emergency response for first responders. 
  • Simulation and training.