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iMove Releases Upgrade to Spherical Video System
System Being Delivered to Government and Commercial Customers
April 17, 2001

Portland, OR., April 17, 2001 – iMove announces the immediate availability of their upgraded Spherical Video System 2000 (SVS 2000). This system includes a specialized 6-lens digital camera, capture computer, and post-production software. The latest release includes new lenses for significantly improved image resolution, and a new, smaller capture computer for greater system portability.

“Immersive visualization is a ‘must-have’ capability for surveillance, reconnaissance, mission rehearsal, training and ‘protected viewing’ applications for the intelligence, law enforcement and military communities,” says Kermit Yensen, CEO of iMove. “The iMove SVS-2000 system was first delivered into these application areas in mid-2000, and is now being delivered with upgraded capabilities.”

“Immersive video is critical to our advanced imaging solutions, and we are excited about the image quality and portability that the new iMove release affords,” says Bob Casullo, General Manager of Autometric-Boeing Advanced Visualization and Integration Services.

The iMove SVS-2000 System includes an all-digital, 6-lens motion video camera that captures a scene in all directions (spherically), 360° horizontally and vertically. Designed for field applications, the three-pound camera connects to a ruggedized capture computer system. The system includes a removable disk storage that can hold up to 2 hours of content and belt battery pack. The software element of the system, the iMove Spherical Production Suite, provides the capability to seam and compress images and embed hotspots, which can link to data, audio, Web URL’s, or branch to other video segments. The result is a startlingly immersive experience, where users are able to move forward and backward through the video, at any point looking in any direction.

Spherical Video can be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD, via LAN or the Internet. It can be viewed on any PC running the Windows (‘95, ‘98, 2000, NT) operating system.

Spherical Video content can be distributed over the Internet through iMove’s hosting and distribution service. This service includes iMove’s RedCarpetÔ streaming support which provides a progressive download, allowing the user to watch the video as it is being downloaded. iMove is working on enhanced streaming support, which will be available next year.

The iMove SVS-2000 is available for sale, or purchasers can choose a three-year lease-purchase option through iMove’s leasing partner, GE Leasing Solutions.

System Components and Specifications

-iMove SVS-2000 Spherical Video Camera

-12‘ Camera Cable, Boxed Set of Filters (ND-3, ND-6, ND-9), Microphone, Camera Case

-SVS-2000 Capture Computer System

-Microsoft Windows 2000, External AC/DC Power Supply, 70 GB External Fire Wire Disk Drive, 6 Foot Power Cable, Cigarette Adapter, Cable, Rechargeable Battery (approx 1-hr), Rechargeable Battery Belt, (approx 2-hr), Travel Trunk

-iMove SVS-2000 Controlware software

-User Manual

About iMove

Located in Portland, OR, iMove enables immersive visualization through a comprehensive and proprietary immersive video architecture. The architecture includes a production and delivery system that enables users of video content to select different camera angles, including a 360-degree spherical view, control playback speed and direction, rewind and freeze frames and delve into audio, text and Web site hotspots. iMove serves the next generation imaging needs of the government and private firms in law enforcement, military and entertainment applications. For more information, consult the iMove website at or call 503-221-2449.

About Autometric

Autometric is part of the Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) division of the Boeing Company. Autometric, Inc. is considered one of the premier geospatial information technology companies in the United States. It provides end-to-end solutions to support modeling, visualization, simulation and analysis of imagery and associated digital geographic products.


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