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iMove Releases 2nd Generation Spherical Video Camera
Government-Defined System now Available for Commercial Use
December 12, 2000

iMove announces the availability of the SVS-2000 Spherical Video System. The system includes a specialized 6-lens digital camera and post-production software. The predecessor SVS-1000 was designed for and sold to the government for security related applications.

Spherical video provides the ultimate viewing experience. Not only can the viewer look all around in 360 degrees, but also up and down. The added field of view creates a feeling of total immersion, not available in other panoramic formats.

“Spherical Video is a rich medium with applications in entertainment, security, and corporate visual documentation,” says Kermit Yensen, CEO of iMove. “This camera was designed around demanding military and security requirements but is now available for commercial use.”

The iMove SVS-2000 is an all-digital, 6-lens camera that captures images in all directions including up and down. In playback, users are able to move forward and backward through the video, at any point looking in any direction. As part of the iMove Multiview Interactive Video family, spherical video also supports embedded hotspots, which can link to data, audio, Web URL’s, or branches to other video segments.

Spherical Video can be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD, or via the Internet. It can be viewed on any PC running the Windows operating system. The SVS-2000 camera is designed for field applications. The three-pound camera is connected to a ruggedized laptop computer system. Removable disk storage can hold up to two hours of content, and the system includes a belt battery pack. During postproduction, the images are seamed and compressed into panoramic video frames, which offer the user full navigational control.

Spherical Video content can be distributed over the Internet through iMove’s hosting and distribution service. This service includes iMove’s RedCarpetÔ streaming support which allows a user to watch and interact with the video while it is being streamed from the Internet. The iMove SVS-2000 is available for sale for about $75,000. Commercial users can alternatively choose between several leasing options through iMove’s alliance with GE Leasing Solutions, and apply on line for a credit decision.

System Components and Specifications 

iMove SVS-2000 Spherical Video Camera 

12‘ Camera Cable,Boxed Set of Filters (ND-3, ND-6, ND-9), Microphone, Camera Case 

SVS-2000 Capture Laptop Computer System 

Microsoft Windows NT, External AC/DC Power Supply, Cheetah Removable Disk Drive Bay, 6 Foot Power Cable, Cigarette Adapter, Cable, Rechargeable Battery (approximately 1-hour), Rechargeable Battery Belt, approximately 2-hours), Travel Trunk 

iMove SVS-2000 Controlware software

User Manual

About iMove

iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video transforms video from a passive to an active experience for users of the Internet. iMove provides a production and delivery system that enables users of video content to select different camera angles, including a 360-degree spherical view, control playback speed and direction, rewind and freeze frames and delve into audio, text and website hotspots. Located in Portland, OR., iMove created Multiview Interactive Video to serve the interactive video needs of the online sports, news and entertainment industries. For more information, consult the iMove website at or call 503-221-2449.


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