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World’s First Multiview Interactive Video Production Software Released
iMove Multiview™ Production Suite Available November 20, 2000
November 20, 2000

Portland, Ore. – iMove™ Inc. ( released the Multiview™ Production Suite today. Competitively priced at $495.00 (retail value), this software package is used to convert standard digital video into interactive video, creating an entirely new Internet experience. Content developers can add audio, text, and website hotspots inside the video. The resulting output creates an experience of total immersion – Digital video is transformed from a passive to an active experience.

“iMove has delivered a truly exciting solution to the broadband Internet content arena,” stated Kermit Yensen, iMove CEO. “Streaming media is exploding and iMove is positioned to be a leader in providing the most interactive video experience possible”.

With iMove's versatile software, Internet content developers may create three types of Multiview Interactive Video™ for the Internet or interactive TV:

Multicamera Video, in particular, introduces a whole new concept. Imagine watching a sports replay or a music video and being able to switch between camera angles at will. End-users become active participants in the story as they control movement, select different camera views and interact with hotspots. Besides switching between different views of the same event, users can stop, rewind and zoom into the video image. Hotspots can include embedded audio, text and website links.

Prior to general release, companies such as and have had access to iMove's Multiview Production Suite. used iMove's Multiview Production Suite software to create the world's first Internet multicamera video showing the acceptance speeches of Al Gore and George W. Bush at the summer conventions.

"iMove's vision for interactive video fits MSNBC's mission to present news in an engaging format that plays to the strengths of the interactive medium," says Brian Storm, MSNBC's Director of Multimedia. "Interactive video is a key storytelling component in the next generation of news presentation."

iMove content can be produced for CD-ROM, DVD, and Web delivery. iMove’s RedCarpetÔ Web-streaming provides a progressive viewing experience today. Full streaming support will be available in first quarter, 2001.

About iMove

iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video transforms video from a passive to an active experience for users of the Internet and interactive TV. In 1999, iMove introduce the world’s first Spherical Video Camera. iMove software is also included in Autodesk 3D Studio® VIZ® to create computer-generated panoramic interactive images and video. Located in Portland, Ore., iMove created Multiview Interactive Video to serve the interactive video needs for online sports, news/entertainment and e-commerce. For more information, consult the iMove website at or call 503-221-2449.


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