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Press Releases to Utilize iMove™ Multiview Interactive Video™ Technology
iMove-enhanced video offered during’s coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions
July 24, 2000

iMove™ Inc., the provider of Multiview Interactive Video™ , today announced a strategic partnership with to utilize iMove’s interactive video format on its website. MSNBC, a 24-hour cable and Internet joint venture of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and NBC News (NYSE:GE.), will use iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video technology to cover the Republican National Convention, beginning July 29 in Philadelphia and the Democratic National Convention, beginning August 14 in Los Angeles.

Multiview Interactive Video includes the ability to deliver multiple camera angles in a single video playback file, allowing the viewer to toggle back and forth between different views of the same event and be able to stop, rewind and zoom into the video image. Not only does the viewer control movement, but they can also interact with the video through embedded audio, text and website hotspots.

“ continually looks for new ways to present news coverage in a non-linear way with our audience,” said John Nicol, general manager. “We frequently evaluate consumer interest and demand and I’m confident that iMove’s technology will further enhance our users’ experience overall.”

MSNBC plans to use iMove’s technology to cover the winning candidate’s acceptance speeches at the end of the each convention. Utilizing more than one camera to film the speech, these angles will be combined into the same video clip as part of’s complete coverage of the 2000 National Political Conventions at .

“As content providers clamor for audience share, we believe our interactive video technology will competitively position companies like because it offers a degree of interactivity unknown to the traditional video experience,” said Kermit Yensen, CEO of iMove. “Our technology turns video into an active experience, allowing the viewer to explore it individually. By teaming up with the industry leader in interactive news, this partnership solidifies a significant step in achieving iMove’s business objectives.”

iMove’s tools already have been used by to add value to feature coverage of folksinger Ramblin’ Jack Elliot that appeared on the website June 16, 2000. After downloading the iMove browser plug-in, viewers can watch Elliot perform “With God on our Side” at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. (The clip is located at, on the left-hand side of the screen under the heading “Direct the Video.”) This represents the first commercial example of iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video in use.

About iMove

iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video transforms video from a passive to an active experience for users of the Internet and interactive TV. iMove provides a production and delivery system that enables users of video content to select different camera angles, including a 360-degree spherical view, control playback speed and direction, rewind and freeze frames and delve into audio, text and Web site hotspots. Located in Portland, Ore., iMove created Multiview Interactive Video to serve the interactive video needs for online sports, news/entertainment and e-commerce. For more information, consult the iMove website at or call 503-221-2449.

About is the number one news site based on audience data tracked by the Internet measurement service Media Metrix™ . As the leader in breaking news and original journalism on the Internet, additionally delivers the best of NBC News, MSNBC Cable, CNBC and NBC Sports. provides expanded content via partnerships with The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, ZDNet, MSN Money Central™ , The Sporting News, Expedia™ , E! Online, Pencil News, FEED magazine, Science magazine,, Internet Broadcasting Systems and Pioneer Newspapers.’s innovative distribution includes delivery of broadband content for U.S. West, Road Runner, [email protected] and on and wireless content delivery for MSN Mobile, i3 Mobile and Omnisky. In addition, programs interactive content for MSNBC Cable and NBC News.


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