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iMove Spherical Photo Solution
Platform: PC

360 Spherical Panoramas
The iMove Spherical Photo Solution allows you to capture and create 360 spherical panoramas from professional quality photographs. The solution provides the hardware and software needed to turn photographs into high-resolution panoramas that let you view an entire 360 space. In addition, the iMove software license gives users total flexibility in selecting content and equipment, does not restrict the number of images created, and does not entail per panorama royalties.

Benefits of the iMove Spherical Photo Solution

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train station
Experience the Portland Train Station as if you are actually there. This spherical panorama offers you a 360-degree panoramic view of one of Portland's historic sites.

iMove technology coupled with Kaidan's spherical tripod head takes you to the next level of 3D visualization -- creation of fully navigable spherical panoramas from photographs.

Please contact us as [email protected] for further information or to order the Spherical Photo Solution.

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