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iMove's Multiview Interactive Video technology transforms video from a passive to an active experience for users of the Internet and interactive TV. iMove's dynamic video production and delivery system provides a variety of viewing options. Users of video content can select different camera angles, including a 360 spherical view; control playback speed and direction; rewind and freeze frames; and even delve into audio, text and website hotspots.

Located in Portland, Ore., iMove is the only developer and provider of Mulitview Interactive Video on the market today, serving the interactive video needs for online sports, news/entertainment and e-commerce industries.

iMove provides turn-key video distribution of Multiview Interactive VideosTM. Content producers will have a quick and easy way to deliver videos to this distribution network, and their customers will be able to immediately view the videos.

For more information, call (503) 221-2449.

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