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GeoView ®
Complete spherical video record of a space, geo-referencing and integrates with leading GIS applications. Read More...

inView ®
Cost-effective wide-area surveillance solution for critical infrastructure and force protection over large areas. Read More...

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iMove Delivers Mobile and Fixed Surveillance Solutions

iMove is the leading developer of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications. Immersive imaging has quickly become a key component in security operations requiring timely, accurate, and actionable decisions. If you need 360° wide-area persistent coverage, iMove's GeoView and InView products can resolve your security issues comprehensively and rapidly.

iMove's complete situational awareness solutions provide the following results:

  • Prevention and Protection
  • Most Efficient Use of People and Equipment
  • Improved ROI
  • Faster and More Appropriate Responses

iMove has been acquired by Immersive Media

Immersive Media is integrating iMove technology into more advanced spherical and wide field capture, distribution and playback systems. Visit Immersive Media for more info.

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